Utmark Fanzine #2

Utmark’s first version of Noisefest Bergen took place in 2009. It was a two-day festival for everyone who likes loud, powerful sound in many variants. Merzbow was back in town ten years after his first visit, and legendary bands like Skullflower played for the first time on Norwegian soil, side by side with heroes like John Wiese and The Skull Defekts.

This year’s version, “The Jazkamer Edition”, takes the festival concept a step fur­ther and offers three concert evenings. You would think a festival dedicated exclu­sively to noise would be narrow enough in itself, but this time we have narrowed it down even more by focusing on one band for three days. But that’s not quite true all the same, for in the course of the three evenings you will get to hear concerts by a whole range of artists from all over the world. The common denominator is that they have ties with Jazkamer, Norway’s foremost premise provider on the noise scene for the past decade. The noise festival reflects Jazkamer’s varied output and their worldwide network.

That a Jazkamer festival is presented in Bergen is no more than natural. This was where the band was formed, and John Hegre, one half of Jazkamer, is based in the city. So are associated members like Jørgen Træen, Iver Sandøy, Ivar Bjørnson and Nils Drønen. For the Utmark and Bergen Noisefest Hegre and Marhaug have brought in several of them, as well as artists from Japan, Poland, Argentina and France. In this fanzine you can read more about Jazkamer’s history in Thor-Eirik Johnsen’s essay.

Utmark Fanzine #2
A Reasonable Guide
Selfmade fanzine in limited edition
Published by Bergen Kunsthall on the occasion of Utmark: Bergen Støyfest – The Jazkamer Edition 2011.
Editors: Utmark og Jazkamer
Texts: Thor-Eirik Johnsen og Lasse Marhaug
Design: Blank Blank
Pages: 36
Softcover: paper
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 20

A Reasonable Guide – Selfmade fanzine in limited edition