Tone Vigeland
Tone Vigeland

To be launched on the 17th of August

Tone Vigeland is an international figure central to recent Norwegian art history. As a jewellery artist she has occupied a special position since the end of the 1950s. In the mid-nineties, for the first time, she exhibited works that were independent of the body as ‘bearer’ of the objects, and which were instead self-bearing as free-standing sculptural objects. In the festival exhibition in 2014,“Muster”, Vigeland took her sculptural activities into what was a hitherto unexplored format for her. The sculptures in this exhibition lied close to a kind of encompassing installation art — where each space is dominated by a single, fully cut work with dimensions that were directly related to the scale of the architecture.

This publication has been realized on the occasion of that exhibition, and includes new texts on Vigeland’s work as well as comprehensive documentation of the show. Steinar Sekkingstad has contributed a major new essay on Vigeland’s work for this publication, alongside a new text by art historian Karin Hellandsjø, a long time friend and collaborator of Vigeland’s and former director of Henie-Onstad Art Centre, which brilliantly situates Vigeland’s work in both an historic and contemporary milieu. Also included is an illuminating new interview with the artist by Mai Lahn-Johannessen, conducted during the preparation of the show at Vigeland’s home and studio in Oslo. The book itself has been beautifully designed by Petri Henriksson at Blank Blank, Berlin.

Titel: Tone Vigeland, Muster
Published by Bergen Kunsthall
Editors: Martin Clark & Steinar Sekkingstad
Artist: Tone Vigeland
Texts by: Martin Clark, Steinar Sekkingstad, Mai Lahn-Johannessen & Karin Hellandsjø.
Design: Blank Blank
Pages: 145
Illustrations: 60
ISBN: 978-82-93101-18-5
Languages: English & Norwegian
Translation: James Manley & Bergen Kunsthall
Price: 39 Euro