Ole Jørgen Ness
Ole Jørgen Ness

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“Boundary-crossing” and “staging” are two central aspects of Ole Jørgen Ness’ art production. The boundary-crossing is demonstrated both in content and through a wide-ranging mixing of genres. In Ness’ exhibitions artistic craftsmanship and traditional media seem just as natural as sound, video and composite installations. The themes may as easily refer to classic art history as to popular culture, myth, fantasy and individual desire.

The staging is most clearly expressed in the continuous problematization of different identities and artists’ roles. Using about ten different artistic alter egos, Ole Jørgen Ness appeared in the nineties as a formalist, a conceptual artist, a minimalist and with a number of other identities, each with its own name and artistic profile. In the Festival Exhibition 2006 Realms of Sentiment Ness’ different identities met in a consensus. Although the characteristic individual voices also reverberated strongly through this exhibition, they nevertheless found their way to a kind of shared dialogue. The festival catalogue Ole Jørgen Ness offers a broad presentation of his oeuvre. It is richly illustrated and includes texts written by Stein Bråten, Tommy Olsson and Andres Kroknes, as well as an interview with Ole Jørgen Ness by Kari J. Brandtzæg.

Published by: Bergen Kunsthall, 2006
Editor: Kari J. Brantzæg
Artist: Ole Jørgen Ness
Texts: Solveig Øvstebø, Andrea Krogsnes, Tommy Olsson, Stein Bråten, Ole Jørgen Næss, Kari J. Brantzæg (interview with the artist)
Design: Ole Jørgen Næss, Marit Følstad, Katia Stieglitz
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 190
ISBN: 82-997 326-0-3
Hardcover: 28,5 × 24 cm
Price: EUR 25 / NOK 200

Realms Of Sentiment, Festival Exhibition 2006