Nick Mauss
Nick Mauss

Inversions is a loose structure of text and drawings coming apart. Produced in parallel with Nick Mauss’ exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, Inversions collects and pushes to the surface the background of the exhibition – those particular incidents that often evaporate in the final form.

Drawings touch upon and merge with a re-figured, or derailed, transposition of the short-lived militant homosexual magazine Inversions (Paris, 1924-1925) interspersed with digital translations of the study Raoul Dufy: L’Oeuvre en soie, Logique d’un oeuvre ornamental industriel to create a narrative, broken poem laced with impenetrable passages. Inversions appears as a collection of distant annotations, pushed through various filters. Frames of non-understanding, interpretation, and mis-interpretation become generative modes in producing a zone where image and text often trade places. The book is printed with plates generated directly from an analog paste-up and two-color overlays that collide directly on the page.

Published by Bergen Kunsthall, 2013.
Editor: Nick Maus
Artist Nick Maus
Design: Nick Maus
Pages: 64
ISBN 978-82-93101-15-4
EUR 18 / NOK 150
Edition: 800