Lene Berg
Fra far

Lene Berg: Fra far. Photo by Thor Brødreskift

Lene Berg was nine years old when her father, the film director and writer Arnljot Berg was arrested in Paris, accused of the murder of his third wife, Evelyne Zammit. This dramatic childhood memory is the starting point for Fra far.

In Fra far, Lene Berg examines her father’s life and fate by mixing her memories and imagination with tangible elements such as letters, psychiatric reports, unpublished and published texts, court documents, etc. Fra far turns into a meeting between a living and a dead artist, a father and a daughter, a woman and a man, and present-day Norway and the country where Arnljot Berg lived and worked. The result is an astonishing and moving portrait of a sensitive and talented person and, at the same time, an unusual portrayal of a family.

Texts: Lene Berg, Arnljot Berg ao.
Publisher: Bergen Kunsthall
Language: Norwegian, English
Price: 260 NOK

Reprint of Arnljot Berg’s Fengsel (1979) with inserts in various formats.


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