Kim Hiorthøy
Kim Hiorthøy

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‘Cross-disciplinary’ is a key word for Kim Hiorthøy’s artistic activity. For many years he has worked in parallel as a visual artist, designer, illustrator, musician and film cameraman. All the same it is drawing that is the core activity in his visual production. Over the past few years he has built up an increasingly sophisticated expressive register. In the exhibition TAGO MAGO the naïvistic line from earlier works was still present, but at the same time the figures were involved in more complex, articulated compositions where a more naturalistic style was also much in evidence.

Photography and film are other major elements in Hiorthøy’s varied output, where he redeploys existing cultural symbols and visual codes as part of a personal idiom. The works range from the purely documentary to the artistic use of collage and animation, with references to among other things the hand-coloured film strips of early film history.

Bergen Kunsthall’s presentation of Kim Hiorthøy was his first major solo exhibition. TAGO MAGO consisted of a series of new works including drawings, paintings, collages and films. This catalogue was published in connection with the exhibition, and it features reproductions of several of Hiorthøy’s works as well as texts written by Boel Christensen-Scheel, Janike Kampevold Larsen and Per Gunnar Tverbakk.

Published by: Bergen Kunsthall, 2007
Editor: Kim Hiorthøy, Gunnar Tverbbakk, Bergen Kunsthall
Artist: Kim Hiorthøy
Texts: Boel Scheel-Christensen, Janike Kampevold, Gunnar Tverrbakk
Design: Olga Yemtsakova
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 98
ISBN: 978-82-997326-1-1
Soft-cover: 28 × 22 cm
Price: EUR 19 / NOK 150

Tago Mago