I Aint The Noing Uv It Im Jus Onle The Showing Uv It

I Aint The Noing Uv It Im Jus Onle The Showing Uv It © Bergen Kunsthall
I Aint The Noing Uv It Im Jus Onle The Showing Uv It © Bergen Kunsthall

Title: I aint the noing uv it im jus onle the showing uv it.
Subtitle: Volume 1: The Noing Uv It, Volume 2: The Showing Uv It
Published by: Bergen Kunsthall, 2017
Editors: Martin Clark and Steven Claydon

Artists: Michael Dean, Trisha Donnelly, Alex Dordoy, Michaela Eichwald, European Space Agency, Cerith Wyn Evans, Florian Hecker, Russell Hoban, Jenny Holzer, Roger Hiorns, Yngve Holen, Richard Hughes, IBM, Edward Ihnatowicz, Mark Leckey, Simon Ling, Sarah Lucas, Robert Morris, Jean Luc Moulene, Matt Mullican, David Musgrave, Seth Price, Magali Reus, Paul Sietsema, Michael E Smith, Haim Steinbach, Rudolph Stingel, Wolfgang Tilmanns, Rosemarie Trockel, David Tudor, James Welling, Martin Westwood, Bill Woodrow.

Texts: Graham Harman, Timothy Morton, Martin Clark, Steven Claydon, Simon Ling, Martin Westwood and others
Design: Simon Josebury/SecMoCo, London
Number of pages: 231
Illustrations: Thor Brødreskift, Bill Jacobson, Hans Arne Nakrem, Plastiques Photography
Language: English
Price: NOK300 / EUR32

This fully illustrated publication is realized on the occasion of a two-part exhibition project at Bergen Kunsthall spring 2015, namely “The Noing Uv It” 9 Jan – 15 Feb and “The Showing Uv It” 27 Feb – 5 Apr. It comprises new texts by a number of contributors including the curators of the show, Martin Clark and Steven Claydon, the participating artists, among others Simon Ling and Martin Westwood, and philosophers dealing with the subject matter presented including Graham Harman and Timothy Morton. The book is designed by Simon Josebury/SecMoCo, London, and as a reference to the two exhibitions it consists of two publications in a joint release. It includes images of all works in the show, as well as installation shots of both exhibitions.

The exhibition “The Noing Uv It” was drawn on recent philosophical thinking around the nature, status and operation of ‘objects’. It brought together a number of international artists and works to explore ideas around the object and its image, the memory of matter, and the evolution and agency of sight and consciousness.

“The Noing Uv It” was followed by “The Showing Uv It”, an exhibition of recent paintings by Simon Ling, in which many of the themes and ideas mentioned were further developed and expanded within the frames of one medium and one artist.