Will Benedict
Corruption Feeds

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Title: Corruption Feeds
Published by: Bergen Kunsthall, 2015
Editors: Martin Clark, Steinar Sekkingstad
Artist: Will Benedict
Texts: Martin Clark, Paul Theriault, Nicolas Trembley, Alivia Zivich
Design: Theodoros Gennitsakis, Will Benedict
Number of pages: 227
Language: English
Price: NOK300

Bergen Kunsthall has the pleasure of launching the book “Corruption Feeds” published in connection with Will Benedict’s exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall in the autumn of 2014. The book features documentation from a number of Benedict’s latest exhibitions in a complex compilation of visual information, assembled by the artist in close cooperation with designer Theo Gennitsakis.

The book also contains new interviews by Martin Clark, Nicolas Trembley, Paul Theriault and Alivia Zivich. The exhibition “Corruption Feeds” was Will Benedict’s biggest and most ambitious project to date. The exhibition showed his entire range from artist to curator to film maker. The exhibition included a number of Benedict’s works, both own and collaborative projects, and works from a total of 16 other invited artists.

In addition, it featured the premiere on the video work Toilets not Temples (2014), commissioned by Bergen Kunsthall and Benedict in collaboration with artist and journalist David Leonard.