Børre Sæthre
Børre Sæthre

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Børre Sæthre has specialized in installations in the integrated format where a wide range of devices are exploited to create elaborate experienced-based artworks. Using everything from living people, stuffed animals and furniture to lighting, music, audio and video recordings, he creates his own closed worlds with an energy compounded of both nightmare and reassuring luxury. Sæthre’s installations often look decidedly elegant, yet at the same time they evoke a palpable sense of disquiet. This disquiet – the fundamental, disturbing undertone, or the experience of ‘the uncanny’ – is one of the things that makes the installations feel more like mental spaces than functional interiors.

This catalogue was published in connection with Børre Sæthre’s Festival Exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall in 2007, From Someone Who Nearly Died But Survived. The book includes the interview “An Occasional Executive”, where Børre Sæthre is interviewed by Marianne Zamecznik, as well as new texts by Power Ekroth and Lia Cangitano. The catalogue also presents a richly illustrated overview of Sætre’s most important exhibitions and works from 1993 until 2006.

Published by: Bergen Kunsthall, 2007
Editor: Marianne Zamecznic
Artist: Børre Sæthre
Texts: Lia Gangitano (interview with Marianne Zamecznic), Power Ekroth
Design: Neonational / Richard Øiestad
Pages: 248
Illustrations: 203
ISBN: 978-82-997326
Soft-cover: 24 × 20cm
Price: EUR 31 / NOK 250


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