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Adapted for childrens's families!

This winter, Bergen Kunsthall presents an extensive exhibition that deals with circulation as a central notion in current socio-political and economic conditions, and presents the work of nineteen international artists.

With Lewis Baltz, Anna Boghiguian, Tanya Busse & Joar Nango, Nina Canell, Tyler Coburn, Zachary Formwalt, Bodil Furu, Núria Güell & Levi Orta, Erik Holmstedt, Anton Kats & Maia Urstad, Daniel Keller, Sam Lewitt, Park McArthur, Sean Snyder, Diamond Stingily, Ulla Wiggen

From early trade routes and migration paths, such as those of the Hanseatic League or the Silk Road, to today's social networks and other forms of digital communication, networks have not only circulated people and goods. They have also created innovation, hierarchies and exploitation.

Powerful but almost invisible factors such as norms, standards, policies and technical procedures determine how objects and content are organised and circulated. The works and projects in this exhibition look at the governing principles, the material specificities and the visual manifestations of these support systems and infrastructures.


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