Jacques Rancière in conversation Alt Går Bra presents   Landmark  Artist Talk

Alt Går Bra begins the third year of its Tout Va Bien series by presenting philosopher Jacques Rancière.

Live stream of the lecture here

Rancière refers to artists as “those whose strategies intend to make the invisible visible or to question the self-evidence of the visible; to rupture given relations between things and meanings and, inversely, to invent novel relationships between things and meanings that were previously unrelated.”

Also known for his groundbreaking investigations into workers archives and pedagogy, Rancière is an indispensable thinker in contemporary aesthetics.

With the title “Shifting Borders: Art and Politics To-day”, the lecture to be presented at Tout Va Bien will analyze the intersections between art and politics during these exciting times of political ruptures and consequent new beginnings.

Tout Va Bien is Alt Går Bra’s open research devoted to studying how art can contribute to the political.

Study Groups
Alt Går Bra will hold study groups to delve into some of Rancière’s concepts for those interested in preparing for the event and in a wrap-up session after the lecture.

Led by Alt Går Bra, the study groups will focus on some key concepts from Rancière’s oeuvre. These concepts will be related to concrete examples of artwork, including the work of Komar & Melamid, who will be guests of Tout Va Bien in August 2017.

An introductory text to be used in preparation for the study groups will be made available to participants in advance.

Admission is free of charge, but registration for the study groups is required.

Send an email to to register for the study groups.

Rancière events at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall:
06. June, kl. 19.00, Jacques Rancière’s lecture followed by a Q&A session
03. June, kl. 15.00, Study Group Session I
10. June, kl. 15.00, Study Group Session II

Upcoming Tout Va Bien Events:
29. August, kl. 19.00, Soviet art duo Komar & Melamid (Vitaly Komar only)
19. September, kl. 19.00, philosophers/aestheticians Frank Ruda and Agon Hamza

Tout Va Bien is hosted by cooperation partner Landmark.
Tout Va Bien is sponsored by Norsk Kulturråd, Bergen City Council, Fritt Ord.

Alt Går Bra is sponsored by Visual Artists Association (BVF), Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen City Council, KORO, Fritt Ord.

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