Mylder 2021 Sculpture and reuse - Letters from the future Mylder (‘Swarm’) is an important part of Bergen Kunsthall’s programme with children and young people and has been arranged since 2010.

This year the pupils worked with artist Torleif Bay.

Free entrance

Participating schools: Christi Krybbe (3. trinn), Haukeland (4. trinn), Nordnes (2. trinn, 7. trinn, bl. gruppe), St. Paul (10. trinn), Sædalen (7. trinn)

Open 11:00 - 15:00 Saturday and Sunday

The event is part of our offer for primary and secondary schools. The project gives children the opportunity to work together with a contemporary artist and prepare an exhibi-tion at Bergen Kunsthall. The project takes place during the Master Exhibition of the Art Academy, University of Bergen (UiB) and allows young people to have an insight into the current state of the arts.

Participating classes will see the exhibition and experience various ways of expressing themselves through art, before a workshop with the Mylder artist, who has been chosen from the city’s younger scene. The workshop gives the children unique insight into the work of contemporary artists and artistic production from idea to finished work.

The artist is invited to develop the project as a stimulating collaboration that makes sense of the young people’s experiences and their own artistic approach. At the end of the project, all the children’s works are presented in a large exhibition, developed by the project artist

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