Bergen Kunsthall will re-open with exhibitions on Thursday, 14 May! Dear friends and members of Bergen Kunsthall,

It has been difficult weeks, for us like for everybody else. We have missed seeing you, and to be able to share the programme that we have worked very hard for. Over the past weeks we have worked equally hard on developing alternative formats in a situation that shifted our reality drastically. Above all, we have been concerned about the safety of friends and families, and about the most vulnerable parts of society here in Norway and abroad. And we still are.

We are grateful to see that the situation is changing slowly and carefully, and that we will be able to re-open our spaces this week!

From Thursday 14 May, we will be open for visitors with our two current exhibitions by Simone Fattal and Adelita Husni-Bey. These two shows were cut short by the closure in March, and we are pleased that we are able to extend their duration until Sunday16 August. Both of these exhibitions give us material to think and address issues that are timely and more relevant in our current situation than ever. Our exhibition programme will continue after the summer with the Festival Exhibition 2020 by Joar Nango which originally was scheduled to open on Thursday 21 May, but has been postponed until September.

We plan our reopening carefully and with all necessary measures to ensure that our visitors and staff are safe at all times. You can find more information about our safety procedures here. We will continue to monitor the further development closely and adjust, when possible or needed.

At the same time, we will continue our programme of live streamed events. In the next weeks we will present talks in the exhibitions and concerts, together with a new series that includes conversations by Bergen-based artists with experts from different fields, investigating crucial concerns and interests, as well as readings by international poets. We will continue our collaborations with many Bergen-based organisations and initiatives through sharing live streams.

Mark your calendars already for a first part of the Festival Exhibition, a three-part TV series on “architecture after the fall of capitalism” by Joar Nango. The series is produced by Bergen Kunsthall and will be presented as part of the Bergen International Festival’s online programme, the first episode will be broadcasted on 23 May.

In addition, we will start also again with smaller live events in the Landmark programme, for a limited number of visitors, depending on the regulations and how we think we can safely put these in place. Keep yourself updated on our website or on social media.

Recently we have used our social media channels to look back into our archive and shared images and materials from past projects and exhibitions. This has been an interesting exercise for us and we hope for you too. We will continue with these picks and tips, together with current announcements from our programme, reflections and projects we want to share.

The Landmark Café is open every day from 11:00 for lunch, coffee or wine.

Everything we do, we do together. It has been a priority for us to keep staff at work and to honour agreements with artists and partners. We are aware that we are working in a privileged position. It’s a privilege and a responsibility. Please support those who need solidarity in every way you can.

Looking forward to seeing you again!
- Axel Wieder, Director at Bergen Kunsthall

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