POEKHALI! Get ready! Samtale: 'The powerful don't make revolutions'’ Décalé + Konsept [X]   Upstairs  Artist Talk

saturday 18th august
free, just turn up!
The event is in English.

15.00 - 17.00
‘The powerful don't make revolutions’•: A conversation about self-organisation and doing it for ourselves with Bergen collective Konsept X, London clubnight Décalé and Landmark Curator Eva Rowson

Free, just turn up!

POEKHALI!’s line up features several artists who are part of self-organised collectives of artists, DJs, musicians, producers, designers formed around a need for a support network and space to do things on their own terms. Inspired by their interests in science-fiction, rebellion and nonconformity, London clubnight Décalé will be in conversation with Curator Eva Rowson and Bergen-based collective Konsept [X] to share tips, questions and strategies for making space for things to happen differently…

Then come back to join us at 20.00 for Poekhali! Landmark Takes Off!

* A quote from feminist science fiction write Marge Piercy's seminal novel, 'Woman on the Edge of Time'.




Konsept [X]

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