TRAMAR: Samtale All that you touch, you change* - Resis'Dance in conversation   Landmark  Artist Talk

TRAMAR: All that you touch, you change* - Resis'Dance on collectively challenging norms in the music scene
Saturday 6 October 18.30 - 20.00
Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall

>>> Followed by:
23.00 Clubnight: TRAMAR : Konsept [X] x Resis’dance (UK)

Before taking over Landmark's decks with Konsept [X], Resis'dance (London, UK) share their experiences, insights and ambitions as a radical events collective of women and non-binary people working to battle misogyny and harassment in the club scene.

With experience in sound engineering, DJing, fundraising and activism, Resis'dance is committed to creating safe spaces on the dance-floor through regular DJ and tech workshops and clubnights. Resis'dance organise events that fundraise for, and build political affinity on the dance floor between organisations that are radical, underfunded and active.

The talk is in English.

(*'All that you touch, you change': Quote from science-fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, in 'Parable of the Sower'.)

TRAMAR (meaning ‘to collectively plot & conspire’) hosted by Landmark Bergen and Konsept X invites different DJ and club collectives who are making space for alternative night-time collaborations, encounters, rhythms and experiments in the club scene.

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