POEKHALI! POEKHALI! Landmark Takes Off!   Gallery I - IV, Landmark, Gallery V, Upstairs  Club, Concert, Performance

Saturday 18. August 2018
Kl.: 20.00 - late (First concert: 20.15)
Age 18+

200,- full price
100,- members of Borealis Listening Club & nyMusikk + students
Free: Bergen Kunsthall members + students of KMD / BAS
Tickets available HERE

Join us for Landmark´s adventurous one-night music festival

POEKHALI! With experimental concerts, performances and DJ-sets filling all of Bergen Kunsthall’s spaces.

Organised with Borealis - en festival for eksperimentell musikk, Konsept X, Ny Musikk Bergen, Playdate and Utmark, bringing together some the most exciting artists of the moment. Inspired by feminist science-fiction, collaboration experiments - and an aim to rewrite the rules…

POEKHALI! welcomes:

ÁINE O’DWYER: IMAGINARY ORGAN (hosted by Borealis)
DÉCALÉ club collective x KONSEPT [X]
FLOHIO (hosted by Utmark)
JESSICA SLIGTER (hosted by Playdate)
NKISI (Live)
SAXIFRAGA (hosted by NyMussik Bergen)


ÁINE O’DWYER: Imaginary Organ - hosted by Borealis - en festival for eksperimentell musikk
Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer exploring forgotten spaces, chance choreographies, and acoustic phenomena.

Aliyah Hussain works in experimental electronic music, sculpture, collage and feminist science fiction to explore different modes of communication and miscommunication.
Her performance for POEKHALI! ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ - released on Manchester-based experimental cassette label Sacred Tapes - uses Marge Piercy’s 1976 sci-fi novel as inspiration, leading a journey through the story, using contact mics, ceramic instruments, synth and voice.

Décalé (meaning: ‘being displaced in space and time’) is a UK clubnight set up by DJs A—-Z (Anne Duffau) and Chooc Ly. Inspired by science-fiction, rebellion and nonconformity, their nights promote artists, producers and DJs who find themselves disadvantaged by mainstream and commercial music scenes - in a calling to ‘rewrite reality now, against distorted norms, for an alternate tomorrow’.
For POEKHALI! Décalé takeover Landmark with Konsept [X] bringing their unique fusion of Techno, Hip Hop, Qgom, Dancehall, Grime, and Electro…

FLOHIO - hosted by Utmark
FLOHIO (AKA Funmi Ohio) is a British-Nigerian artist, rapper and songwriter. Building on the blueprints of UK rap, FLOHIO’s unique sound pulls in references that span electronic music, industrial techno, hiphop and grime. Her latest single ‘Watchout’ was dubbed Best New Music by Pitchfork, describing it as “a warning call to her enemies and skeptics”.

JESSICA SLIGTER + YOUMNA SABA - hosted by Playdate
Jessica Sligter is an artist and producer who mixes crooner & experimental music in a 'noir' conceptual space. She founded the podcast series Nuts And Bolts interviewing female artists about their studio set-ups, equipment and recording programmes.
Her latest project performed live for POEKHALI! 'Polycrisis:yes!' mixes vocals, abstract electronics, oud and synth in a futuristic imagining of collapsed European identity.

Nkisi is a DJ and producer whose ethos and music is imbued with a punk sensibility along with a political push back against conformity, drawing influences from gabber, techno and Congolese rhythms. She is a co-founder of NON Worldwide: ‘a collective of African artists and of the diaspora, using sound to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power'.

SAXIFRAGA - hosted by Ny Musikk Bergen
Saxifraga Quartet is a newly-formed saxophone quartet with accomplished musicians from Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps and the Grieg-Academy. Formed in 2017, they have already performed in Festspillene, Gunnar Sævigsal, Bryggen Museum and Koengen.
Saxifraga is: Lene Myhre Strand, Bjørn Strand, Roger A. Holme & Sjasmin Reitehaug.

UPSTAIRS (BAR): Konsept X DJs on rotation
Bergen's dynamic collective, established in 2017 with the aim of promoting diversity and balance in the music industry and bringing a fresh hit of new DJs and producers to Bergen's club scene, take over Upstairs for the night!

Inspired by Joanna Russ’s 1984 sci-fi novel ‘Bodies’, Anna's video installation 'Well-come Time Travellor' reflects on questions of identity and community - who we are, what we might become and how we could meet each other.

Fett take over the Bookstore with their back-catalogue of editions exploring feminism through topics as broad-ranging such as utopias, robots, and activism.

*”Poekhali!” (meaning 'Let´s Go!') – is a famous take-off phrase by the first man in space Yuri Gagarin, pronounced on 12 April 1961. This year we take off from the exploratory voyage of first woman in space travel, Valentina Tereshkova, in 1963. “Hey, sky! Take off your hat, I’m coming!” she shouted as she went into orbit….

POEKHALI! is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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