Moving into sparsely-lit areas What methods of mediation can we imagine in our cultural spaces?   Landmark  Artist Talk

With Daniela Ramos, Eva Rowson, Freja Bäckman, Hilde Marie Pedersen, Jordi Ferreiro, Maria Acaso, Members of Unge Kunstkjennere: Linnea Halveg, Mari Hegrenes Øvrebø, Mikolaj Karbowiak and Tiril S. Absalonsen, and Åse Løvgren
Tuesday 20 March 19.30
Organised in collaboration with ART + FOLK + VISP

Join us to think together about how - as users of and workers in cultural spaces - we are communicating with different publics. We’ll hear from varied methods of mediation, from the experimental and consciousness-raising exhibitions at Bergen Kunsthall in the 1970s, to feminist science-fiction about the relation between communication and social organisation, to Unge Kunstkjennere's mission to open up the Kunsthall to new audiences.

Meeting in a darkly-lit setting and on the Equinox (when day and night are of equal length) we’ll discuss what types of exchange can develop if we move away from the bright lights that are directed towards confirmed forms of learning. When we move into the shadows, the not-yet-known and the sparsely-lit spaces, is it possible to shake up traditional hierarchies of speaker and listener? Together we’ll collectively re-imagine the infrastructures of language and mediation in our institutions – and how we can create spaces in which unknown encounters, open-ended methods of communicating, learning, sharing, and sometimes just being together, can unfold.

The setting for this event is conceived by artist Freja Bäckman, in collaboration with Eva Rowson and Hilde Marie Pedersen at Bergen Kunsthall, and stems from her ongoing research into the the bright lights of the institution .

Organised with ART + FOLK and VISP. With inputs on the evening from Daniela Ramos, Eva Rowson, Freja Bäckman, Hilde Marie Pedersen, Jordi Ferreiro, Maria Acaso, members of Unge Kunstkjennere and Åse Løvgren.

The event will use English as a common language, with translation from Catalan, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish as the languages used by those presenting.

Daniela Ramos is an artist seeking innovative ways of connecting art to an audience. In 2017 she initiated ART + FOLK that organises exhibitions, workshops and art tours with a base in Bergen.

Eva Rowson is Curator of Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. She has run the project space 38b in her living room in London, UK, since 2010, and has worked in many different art collectives and in large and small-scale organisations including The Showroom, Matt's Gallery and Tate (London, UK) and 2016 Bergen Assembly (Norway).

Freja Bäckman is current AiR Bergen at USF Verftet, and usually resides in Berlin. They work as an artist, educator and researcher, intertwined by questions of collective formations. Recent projects include I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer, No play Feminist Training Camp, The Bright Lights of the Institution, and the Partisan Café at Bergen Assembly (2016). Bäckman is doing a doctorate at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, and plays in the doom metal band Lithalsa.

Hilde Marie Pedersen is Head of Education, Bergen Kunsthall. She is an art historian with a Master from the University of Bergen, and has taught in art theory at Bergen Art School, and Modern Art at the UiB, Bergen.

Jordi Ferreiro is an artist and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. His projects mediate the relationship between the artist, the audience, and the museum through strategies based on participation, play, and estrangement. Ferrerio studies information transfer methodologies and educational movements that lie outside the norm and his methods include choreographed tours, performances and interactive audio-tours.

Maria Acaso is among the leading figures in Spain and Latin America of the movement ’Revolución Educativa’, what she calls #rEDUvolution. In her extensive work around mediation, she proposes that the central issue in 21st century education will not be about what (content) but how (methodologies). She is the author of a number of books, most recently of ’Art Thinking: how to transform education through arts’ (Paidos, 2017).

Unge Kunstkjennere (Linnea Halveg, Mari Hegrenes Øvrebø, Mikolaj Karbowiak and Tiril S. Absalonsen), is a group of dedicated young people working to give young people a voice in contemporary art. Formed at Bergen Kunsthall in spring 2017, their aim is to create a program that invites young people to become actively involved in the institution's creative program, provide opportunities to work with artists and employees, gain professional experience, meet friends and develop creative skills.

Åse Løvgren is a curator, researcher and Project developer at VISP . VISP is a resource and a networking organisation for Visual Arts in Western Norway, working to improve and facilitate conditions for the production and dissemination of art in the region by representing and providing a common structure for artists, galleries, institutions, producers, curators, critics and suppliers of materials and services.

This event is part of Re:Imagine Europe, a EU cooperation project with ten partner organisations across Europe that explores how we can use technology to change the ways that we interact and communicate with each other and our audiences. Re-Imagine Europe is conceived with Sonic Acts (NL), Paradiso (NL), Elevate Festival (AT), Lighthouse (UK), Ina GRM (FR), Student Centre Zagreb / Izlog Festival (HR), A4 (SK), SPEKTRUM (DE) and Ràdio Web MACBA (ES).

Re-Imagine Europe is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Also supported by City of Bergen, Hordaland County Council and Arts Council Norway

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