BABF Book Lunch with Ying Chieh Liu   Upstairs  Book Launch

Welcome to Book Lunch with Ying Chieh Liu (Taiwan).

Free Entry!

Liu will present two new published books and show new original sketch books. Snacks provided by the chefs at Landmark will be served accompaning the flavours of Ying's selection of works
Coffee, tea and water is also available.

The books are:
A mini reproduction of «Travel Book 5: The Collection of Beautiful Mountains» during a trip to Sweden and Norway in Summer 2007; and «Travel Book 3» during a trip to Europe in 2004-2005.

The Sketchbooks in process are:
«Earth Landscape Album»: 11 accordion fold books contain landscape around the world. Lofoten Norway, Abisko Sweden, Taroko Taiwan, Yosemite USA ..., become a continuous mountain panorama in one drawing. And «Travel Book Series»: Artist's book projects «Mountain», «Lake» and «Untitled».

The flavours Ying has chosen to accompained her art books are «Tynn & Sprø potato chips and Cloudberry».

«Book Lunch» is an event dedicated to book launches at lunch time at BABF. There is an book lunch for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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