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House of House is back!

House music is described as disco made by clubbers; with its rhythms, its basslines and spirit. With this in mind we will take you through the musical chapter of house and its different genres with the club concept House of House. From the beginning of disco to the modern era of electronical music – this is pure dance music.

It will be a night of varied house music – from old school to deeper and harder rhythms. No house rules. Only house music.

Bring your great vibes and join our danceable club concept!

ID: 20 // CC: 100

DJ Alicia aka Alicia Churchill:

Churchill is a self-proclaimed music nerd from a small town. Growing up in the armpit of California did not stop her from finding her way into the more inspiring big cities nearby. As soon as she could get behind the wheel she was on her way to San Francisco and L.A to be a part of the beginnings of the breakbeat, hardcore, and happy hardcore rave scene. That's right, she is an O.G of candy raver with the photos to prove it. It wasn't enough to get behind the wheel to be a part of the dance floor. She also knew she had to get behind the decks and share her passion for music. With her technic mk3´s in tow, Alicia made her way to her dorm room at UC Berkeley and was playing progressive house and trance to the college co-eds. Shortly after, Churchill moved to Norway where she and Pastor (now double dancer) started a club night at Cafe Opera called Bump and Grind, ironically yes. After a short, but seemingly long stint in the suburbs she moved back to the city, got her technics back and started meeting people passionate about music. Today she's playing more techno, acid, and old school but she will also dazzle you as the only American feminist in Norway playing G-house aka booty house.

DJ Pika is Ingrid and Asbjørg who loves music. The duo have been a part of the club scene in Bergen the last years playing music at many of the city’s dance scenes. They play many different genres, but favors heavy bass and rhythms that set the mood. With great ambitions for the club scene, these ladies don’t hold back and know how to get the floors shaking with their energetic appearance and mission in mind: to make you dance.

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