Borealis - en festival for eksperimentell musikk FutureMoves   Landmark  Concert, Borealis

Join us for an evening where Borealis takes over the Bergen Kunsthall, filling its spaces with experimental music, noise, movement and pictures, taking you from quiet listening to wild dancing.

Tickets: 200,- / 150,-
Duration: 330 min

Over the course of four hours, Welsh improviser Rhodri Davies will transform your understanding of the angelic harp; in her new film British artist Marianna Simnett will tell a story of a little girl who wanted her voice to be lower; Danish artist Adam Christensen will bare his soul in a howling accordion performance; Canadian composer Sarah Albu explores our relationship to technology in her FutureMoves aerobics workout; Chinese artist Yan Jun combines noise, objects and gesture in his micro-performances; Angharad Davies & Sebastian Lexer deconstruct a violin in their piece for violin, bass cabinets and live electronics; and N.M.O. will energetically ride the line between Fluxus intervention and live techno.

As well as a packed night of performance all over the house, Matana Roberts’ exhibition I Call America will be open to view, there will be a record-fair with releases from Borealis festival artists and the bars will be open serving our special Borealis beer.

Presented in collaboration with Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall

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