Chantal Mouffe Tout Va Bien #4   Landmark  Talk

Alt Går Bra presents Chantal Mouffe at Tout Va Bien Series #4

With a belief in the radical potential of art, political philosopher Chantal Mouffe comes to Bergen to give a lecture and dialogue with artists, theorists, and the general public.

Mouffe is best known for proposing a radicalization of democracy through what she calls ‘agonistic pluralism’ and for her conceptualization of hegemony along with Ernesto Laclau, with whom she co-authored the influential book Hegemony and Socialist Strategy.

In her lecture prepared for Bergen, "Artistic Practices and Agonistic Politics," Mouffe claims: “artistic practices can contribute to the struggle against capitalist domination, but this requires a proper understanding of the dynamics of democratic politics, an understanding which I contend can only be obtained by acknowledging the political in its antagonistic dimension…”

A discussion with the public will follow Mouffe’s lecture. The event will open with a brief talk by artist union leader Vilde Salhus Røed (TBC).

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Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, Fritt Ord, and Bergen City Council.

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