Tomorrows´s Parties 17 newly qualified artists show their work in Bergen Kunsthall. In their exploration of different themes, and in the various questions they pose, the students make use of a number of mediums.
KHiB makes difference and diversity among the students a priority of the master programme. Each student has developed a major artistic project over a two year period, and in this exhibition we can see the result of their work. In conjunction with the exhibition, a two day seminar will be held on the 25th and 26th of April.

Kari Borge Bengtson
Hanna Boyesen
Yamile Calderon
Elisabeth Emmerhoff
Bodil Gerber
Pedro Gómez-Egaña
Sam Iravanian
Toril Johannessen
Vik Chung Wing Lai
Veronica Lindblad
Anna Christina Lorenzen
Kjersti Lunde
Silke Rokitta
Marte Røed
Vilde Salhus Røed
Stefan Törner
Reidun Vinningland

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