Masterutstillingen i kunst 2019 with eyes closed call me With: Agnete Ilona Tangrand, Alexandra Jegerstedt, Anthony Morton, Audrey Hurd, Ben Connell, Dimitri Thomas-Komissarov, Éléonore Griveau, Gentian Rhosa Meikleham, Ingrid Skåland Eriksen, Kim Hankyul, Kristen Keegan, Linda Marie Westgaard, Linda Morell, Marianne Løvvik, Sandra Blichert, Sidsel Bonde, Søren Krag, Tanya Varbanova, Timothy Eklund, Tine Adler, Tine Gunvaldsen, Tone Andersen, Victor Guzman, Yu Zhu

Curator: Eva Rowson

Fine Arts Masters graduation exhibition 2019 of the Faculty of Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen

12.4. 20:00 - 22:00 (Opening speeches at 20:15)
Afterparty with DJ Sigrid Lerche 22:00 – 02:30
Free, all welcome

4.5. 14:00 Free
The White Pube: ‘Origin Story’
Free. The talk will be in English

Every Sunday 14:00
Every Sunday 13:00 for families with children
11.4. 18:00 for Members
5.5. 14:00 Special tour with exhibition curator Eva Rowson

Visit the exhibition´s own website for more information!

Bergen Kunsthall hosts the annual graduation exhibition for the Master’s Programme in Fine Art of the Art Academy - Department of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen.

24 international artists present their varied practices in an exhibition spanning the gallery (and other) spaces inside and outside the Kunsthall. ‘with eyes closed, call me’ is organised thematically, connecting the artists’ shared explorations into different types of interpersonal and physical support structures, melodrama and sci-fi, ways of creating intimacy, memory and narrative collectively, and abstractions of forms and materials.

These thematic focuses have formed out of group discussions between the artists. The title is taken from a collaborative writing experiment in imagining what the exhibition, bringing together these different points of connection, wants to say. ‘with eyes closed, call me’ is an invitation to join the artists at the end of their two years of studying together in going into the unknown, interrupt the ‘normal’ paths ahead and make new ones together.

“A focus on collaboration runs through the exhibition and the planning behind it. We – Agnete, Alexandra, Anthony, Audrey, Ben, Dimitri, Éléonore, Gentian, Ingrid, Kim, Kristen, Linda, Linda, Marianne, Sandra, Sidsel, Søren, Tanya, Timothy, Tine, Tine, Tone, Victor, Yu and I – began with an understanding that although this is a presentation of 24 individual artists, we never make things happen on our own and we need to find ways to hold and guide each other in negotiating space, needs, disagreements, desires, doubts – and everything in between.

As well as collaborations between the artists themselves, Bergen and Malmö-based feminist design cooperative JAHJAH Studio (Johanne Karlsrud, Aurora Bergmark and Hanne Gabrielsen) have conceived the visual identity for the exhibition and catalogue. Art criticism duo The White Pube from the UK (Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad) lead an event on Saturday 4 May on their work in making room for honest dialogue, and disagreement, in contemporary art discourse. The exhibition is produced through the close co-working of the artists, who in groups have taken shared responsibility for communications, events, production and the catalogue, as well as the ongoing cooperation between many different workers in the teams in the Faculty of Art, Music and Design (KMD) at University of Bergen, Landmark and Bergen Kunsthall. The opening night on Friday 12 April at Bergen Kunsthall is curated, produced and catered by artists Emilie Wright, Emma Fuchs Sjövall, Fauve Tintigner, Haruka Fukau, Kaeto Sweeney, Peter Voss Knude and Sara Arenfeldt Kragh from the first-year Master’s Programme in Fine Art.

‘with eyes closed, call me’ asks you to come with us! To trust in those around you to try something different, know that we’re supporting each other in bringing all our individual experiences and feelings, and see where we can get to together.”

- Eva Rowson, Curator

With thanks to Colonialen, Bergen for their support.

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