Plattform conversation with INTERPRT Liquid Commons - Who Owns the Ocean?   Upstairs, Online  Seminar

Welcome to this conversation by the design and research studio INTERPRT with Nabil Ahmed, Olga Lucko, Mari Sanden, Siri Granum Carson and Pedro A. Ribeiro

Free! The conversation will be held in English

A speculative rush is underway in the deep ocean to exploit seabed minerals allegedly needed for the green shift. The risks are tremendous for a profound ecosystem about which we know alarmingly little. In particular the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) in the Pacific Ocean – the largest mining project in the world’s history – and Norway’s continental shelf (NO) in the Nordic Seas are two of the emerging sites where plans for deep-sea mining are accelerating. In the context of their project NO-CCZ for The Ocean, “Liquid Commons”, convened by INTERPRT, interrogates to the controversies, representational challenges and accountability gaps of extraction at such vast scales. The design and research studio INTERPRT is based in Trondheim and the UK. For the talk they are joined by guests Siri Granum Carson, Director of NTNU Oceans, and Pedro A. Ribeiro, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen.

In Bergen Kunsthalls current exhibition “The Ocean”, INTERPRT participates with the installation NO-CCZ, which continues their ongoing visual investigation on deep-sea mining. NO-CCZ is comprised of two parts, a diagram and a video, focusing on two aspects: the deep sea as one of the last remaining frontiers and its risks. In addition to these elements, both installed at Bergen Kunsthall, the video is also shown at the Natural History Museum in Bergen, in Forhandlingsrommet, an open exhibition space and study room.

INTERPRT is a research and design studio that undertakes visual investigations using data-driven design, spatial analysis and advocacy to expose and hold accountable environmentally destructive practices. Founded in 2015, INTERPRT works with civil society organizations, legal experts, journalists, and cultural institutions to produce evidence platforms, multimedia advocacy tools and exhibitions. The studio advocates for making ecocide a new international crime.

Nabil Ahmed is co-principal at INTERPRT and professor of visual intervention at Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts (KiT at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Olga Lucko is co-principal at INTERPRT. She is an ARB registered architect and leads INTERPRT’s visual investigations.

Mari Sanden is a PhD candidate at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KIT) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and working with INTERPRT on the ongoing visual investigation on deep-sea mining in Norway.

Siri Granum Carson is Director of NTNU Oceans, a transdisciplinary strategic research area at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is a professor of applied ethics at the Department of Philosophy and Religious studies at NTNU, and her main research areas are corporate social responsibility and responsible innovation. She is project leader for AFINO, a network project for responsible research and innovation in Norway.

Pedro A. Ribeiro is Researcher at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen. Ribeiro is Principal Investigator in the projects "Eco-Safe Ridge Mining: Environmental risk studies towards sustainable seabed mineral mining on the Mid-Ocean Ridge in Norway" and "Ridge Ecology: Deep ecosystems in Norwegian waters and knowledge gaps and challenges related to deep-sea mining."

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This talk is one of the events that are a part of the exhibition «The Ocean» at Bergen Kunsthall. On view 28. August — 31. October 2021

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