Xanti Schawinsky NO.5 #7 - Faces of War and Head Drawings Xanti Schawinsky
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Published by Bergen Kunsthall on the occasion of the exhibition:
Faces of War and Head Drawings
Xanti Schawinsky
Bergen Kunsthall, NO.5
8 January—28 February 2016

This exhibition was originally presented at The Drawing Center, New York in 2014, and focuses on two bodies of work that Schawinsky made in the US between 1941 and 1946: Faces of War and the Head Drawings.

Xanti Schawinsky: Head Drawings and Faces of War is made possible by the support of The Kind World Foundation, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Daniel Schawinsky and the Xanti Schawinsky Estate, and Fiona and Eric Rudin. Special thanks to The Drawing Center, especially Brett Littman and Olga Valle Tetkowski and BROADWAY 1602 especially Anke Kempkes. We would like to thank Milena Hoegsberg for her new text for this publication and the writers who have contributed in the facsimiles of archive material. Finally we would like to thank Bergen Kunsthalls sponsors and funding partners.

Bergen Kunsthall

Catalogue © Bergen Kunsthall
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Every attempt has been made to secure the rights to reproduce the images and texts that appear in this publication. However, if any have been inadvertently overlooked, please contact the Bergen Kunsthall.

ISBN: 978-82-93101-31-4

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In NO.5 Bergen Kunsthall revisits selected artworks and exhibitions, previously presented elsewhere in the world. Initiated in response to the increasing acceleration of both the production and reception of art, NO.5 provides an opportunity to slow down, focus on, and look again at particular works, exhibitions or fragments of exhibitions. Bergen Kunsthall will commission a new critical text to accompany each of these re-presentations. The text will appear in a publication series that is avalable online as a pdf and as a printed copy in our bookshop INK.

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