Landmark presenterer Haj300 & Sambucca Queen   Landmark  Klubb

Industrial techno, hardcore, gabber, and trance – a one-off club night featuring two uncompromising and energetic DJ acts: HAJ300 from Stockholm and Sambucca Queen from Bergen!

Doors open: 23:00.
CC: 100,-.
Free for our members and students of KMD and BAS.

HAJ300 (Drömfakulteten // Country Music, SE)
HAJ300, affiliated with the labels Country Music and Stoscha, plays frenetic and uncompromising hardcore/gabber sets. They are a founding member of Drömfakulteten - a Stockholm-based collective of experimental dance-oriented DJ's and producers. HAJ300’s DJ sets are complimented by an unbridled, infectious enthusiasm, often including hardstyle classics. They’ve been featured on Stoscha’s compilation “Dille” with a techno-tinted track “Lat Mig”, alongside contributions from Swan Meat and Wilted Woman. Their debut album “Swedish Tribal” was released via EURO2000, and it is littered with skittering, noisy textures meeting fragments of hardcore and booming low-end percussion. HAJ300’s hardcore and gabber production interests come to the fore in their recent track for Country Music, “varfor sa du inget”.

Sambucca Queen (a.k.a. Vilde Tuv // Poesy, NO)
Sambucca Queen gets behind the decks with a heart full of love and hate, and with inspiration in early hardcore and trance. She mixes melodies with hard hitting beats, it makes her tickle under her feet and beats her heart till it's meat.

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