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Landmark / 24.oktober / 21.00 / https://perfectsounds.ticketco.events/no/nb

Animated Violence Mild:
The Skinny ***** "A barrelling, vibrant masterwork"

The Irish Times ***** "Animated Violence Mind follows World Eater as something more singular and unique, and a thrilling testament to the unsung genius that is Benjamin John Power"

The Line Of Best Fit (9/10) "It is all bark, all bite and Power’s greatest and most consistent release under the Blanck Mass alias, bearing a message that is as crucial as it is necessary"

The 405 (9/10) "This isn’t just the best Blanck Mass album to date, it’s also the best record that Power has been involved in, which really is saying something"

The Guardian **** "Mourning the death of the planet and a parent, Ben Power has made an album that fuses existential fear with sheer beauty"

The Observer **** "Power reins in the cacophony"

Clash (8/10)

The Quietus (8/10)

Under The Radar (8/10) "This is essential listening from an essential artist"
Uncut (8/10)

Loud And Quiet (8/10)

Pitchfork (7,9/10)

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