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Welcome to the next edition of Klubb Frokost where we are teaming up with Bergen's pride festival aka Regnbuedagene i Bergen 2017 for a very special morning rave! We look forward to celebrating Bergen's Pride Festival with you on the dance floor and we expect this could be the most colorful party yet!

Alongside Klubb Frokost residents Marikie aka Marieke Mulders, and Richard Blanco, we have invited a very special guest Dj Witch Princess to join us for the morning magic and so-called natural ecstasy!

Witch Princess is Mallika J. Y. Herland (Bergen, Norway), has been spinning records and making people dance all over Norway and abroad, for the last 13 years. Her fascination and love for all kinds of music, combined with a natural understanding of the art of conveying it and of the techniques of Dj'ing, is easily recognized and appreciated. Witch Princess is just about to launch (16. MAY 2017) her new club concept «Liquid Moon» and she is resident Dj and event manager at Dwell, booking both national and international Dj’s and producers. She is also creating music for different art projects and Dj’ing in Norway and abroad. As Witch Princess she is living out her life long love-affaire with the deep, organic, dark and hypnotic sounds of electronic music, and she will take you on a musical journey on both concrete and forest floors. Her main sources of inspiration have always been found in nature and spirituality. The shadow of a twisted old tree can instantly light a spark of inspiration - a deep need to create a new set, intended to send the listener on a magical journey from the dance floor, through our inner world, to connect with the mystical spirit world. «I discovered early that music can take you to a space when the «you» totally disappears, when you fall into a trance and the body releases natural ecstasy, a space of meditation. And I just love to share this wonder with others on the dance floor. In the beginning of her musical career, Witch Princess would mostly be found playing for a dedicated audience at underground techno parties and outdoor psytrance festivals. And this still continues to be some of her absolute favorite gigs. In the last 4 years she has also taken a step into the more commercial club scene with the intention to make quality underground electronic music available to more people.«I still get amazed over how deep and dark techno and psytrance I get away with playing at these clubs, and the people still shouting for more! People are ready!

A bit more about Bergen Pride parade and Regnbuedagene!


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