Dronehenge - Celebrating the worst summer yet Magic Playground Landmark  Konsert

CC: 50
Doors open 20:00

Dronehenge is back, with yet another tour de force in the art of improvisational horrors and gathering as many amplifiers as we can get our hands on.
Celebrating The Worst Summer Yet in our collective experience, we'll enter autumn together in the style of our favourite deity, Dionysus.
CC: 50
Doors open 22:00
Consert starts: 23:00

Featuring lap-steel, saxophone, trumpet and some gloomy munk-like figure we found wandering the coast of eastern sweden in search of something he called " the hidden cuisine", this will be quite the addition to our normal lineup of the ever-present four or five guitars, bass and drums. We're set to have quite the diverse sound this time around.

I guess i'll also be making some perfectly vegan soup for you all to consume as you yourselves are being consumed by the audatory representation of Death that is The Henge.

You are hereby invited to witness the Herculean endeavour that is The Henge Thursday the 25th at summers end in this month named in honour of the glorious Emperor Augustus.

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