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TOTAL PLUS: An in-progress publication
As part of their ongoing project at the Bergen Kunsthall Upstairs residency HAiK launches a publication, which will act as part of an open process taking totality of dress as starting point. The HAiK process continues through Sunday the 9th of November. With commissioned text from curators and writers, Geir Haraldseth and Agatha Wara, and material generated by HAiK through the 4 week residency, the publication will give some insight into HAiK as a phenomenon, brand and design group, the meeting of art and fashion the central theme of their research and experimentation.

For the launch on Saturday, November 8 at 14.00 we invite you Upstairs to a talk with Geir Haraldseth, Agatha Wara and HAiK members led by Martin Clark, director at the Bergen Kunsthall.

HAiK is a Norwegian clothing brand createdin 2011 by the designers Siv Støldal, Ida Falck Øien and Harald Lunde Helgesen, and are the first guests in Bergen Kunsthall new residency program Upstairs.
They came together through a shared interest in the social meaning of clothes and appearance and they research different approaches to clothing, dress codes, do’s and dont’s. The brand operates as a collaborative platform inviting people from a wide range of fields, including artists, writers, anthropologists and designers.

At Bergen Kunsthall, HAiK is inviting the audience to partake in the brand´s new research project and to join in the creation process of a range of new pieces. In addition they will open a pop-up shop in the Upstairs space and arrange a workshop around the format of the fashion show.

Upstairs: Bergen Kunsthall´s new residency program invites organisations to inhabit and transform the public space on the 2nd floor in whatever way they wish, creating a multi-disciplinary arena in the heart of the building: from an open studio or research station to a publishing house, classroom or pop-up shop.

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