Stefano Cagol, The End Of The Border (of the mind), 2013.
Stefano Cagol, The End Of The Border (of the mind), 2013.
Stefano Cagol: The Body Of Energy (of the mind)   Landmark  Klubb

Performance av Stefano Cagol: en intens reise gjennom Europa og dets nye energi. + Lydspor fra DJ Girson & DJ Hkon
CC: 50,- after midnight.
Doors open at 21:00.
Performance starts at 22:30.

An interactive performance by STEFANO CAGOl is a part of a nomadic project The Body of Energy (of the mind).

During an intense journey through Europe Stefano is registering and collecting different traces of energy in an attempt to give a shape to a vital, but immaterial and invisible substance, pervading every place and every moment of our lives.
Traveling with a minivan, a form of a workstation, and using a thermal camera, photography, sound recording, and action he is documenting and analyzing the specific energy of the visited places, landscapes, architecture and people.

Bergen is the first stop during the expedition, which will last for 6 month.
Under the performance, Stefano will be using the materials recorded during his trip from Trento to Bergen, mixing them live with a thermal images filmed, edited and projected in real time at Landmark.

The performance will be sounded up by DJ GIRSON & DJ HKON and their mix of deep, melodic and bass filled music: house, uk garage, disco, and hint of rnb.

STEFANO CAGOl (Italy) has during his career exhibited in New York, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, New Delhi, Venice etc. His artistic research faces the idea of border and its different manifestations: mental, physical, cultural, political, communicative ones, or between individual and collective. He uses different media like video, photography, sculpture, installation, action.

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