Performance ved Keith Harrison   Landmark  Klubb

Den britiske kunstneren Keith Harrison presenterer sin performance Blue Monday/White Label på Landmark. Etter performancen blir det artist talk.
Gratis inngang!

Mer informasjon om kvelden:
Keith Harrison is currently senior lecturer at Bath Spa University School of Art and Design. He assembles durational site-specific works and live events, which have been produced for both gallery and non-gallery spaces, including the V&A Museum, Camden Arts Centre and mima, UK.

Clay is wrapped, dipped, painted and cast onto domestic electrical appliances. When the live electrical current is turned on some pieces reach temperatures that permanemntly change the properties of clay, whilst those operating at lower heats are combined with other raw materials to produce a sensorary alteration such as a temporary change of colour or the production of sound. Keith Harrison will give a performance and an artist presentation followed by an open discussion.

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