Marcos Coya, Amalie & Gabriela, Rudi Valdersnes Ideopphone Club Night   Landmark  Klubb

I d e o p h o n e C l u b p r e s e n t.


Ideophone Records is hosting an all nighter for the adventurous dancer!

CC: 100,- // ID: 20

Marcos Coya (UY)
Hailing from Uruguay and with his roots firmly embedded in the Montvidean scene, DJ and producer Marcos Coya continues to push his personal sound forward.
With over 16 years experience playing in South America, Coya has shared the booth with local heros Matthias Muten, DJ Koolt, Emilio and Omar.
As a producer Marcos has been expressing his unique sound since 2006, with releases on Ouzomusic, Melisma rec and GAS Recordings via 12.
A truly compassionated artis and we are stoked to have him visiting Bergen this evening. Not to be missed!

Get to know his releases and mixes here:

DJ Gabriela & Amalie (BR/NO)
Gabriela and Amalie are best known to us for their contribution to the music scene in Bergen as talented jazz singers and instrumentalists.
This evening, they present a DJ set with all the party-tuned music they picked up along the way, focusing on Brazilian and electronic music. They are well known to stir up the dancefloor with high energy and warm tunes!

Rudi Valdersnes (NO)
In recent years Rudi Valdersnes has made himself a visible figure as a contemporary techno DJ and composer.
His style is often a blend of folk percussion, early electronics and designer techno. Resulting in trippy turns with hidden surprises, patently mixes and hypnotic groove is his key signature.

Check out his music here:

Saloon of bodies and minds

W e l c o m e

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