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HEADMAN (Gomma/Relish/CH)
Headman AKA Rob Insinna – acclaimed producer, DJ, and founder of Relish Records. Headman’s unique blend of house/pop/disco/rock has put him at the forefront of the ‘nu-disco’ movement, alongside contemporaries, and mates, DFA Records, Kitsune, and Output recordings. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. From his remixes for Franz Ferdinand, The Gossip, Roxy Music, and Zombie Nation (just to name a few), to his worldwide popularity as a DJ, having played alongside the likes of 2ManyDJs and Tiga, Insinna is a man of many talents. Releasing his highly acclaimed debut album, ‘It Rough’, on influential Munich label Gomma, in 2003, Insinna followed this with ‘On’ (2006), featuring collaborations with members of Soulwax and The Rapture. Never one to miss a pulse, Headman once again put his head down in the studio again, to release his third full-length album, ‘Catch Me’ (on Gomma), in 2008. In the midst of all this, Insinna has also found the time recently to complete remixes for Munk, Zongamin, The Invisibles, The Doves, Tiga and more, maintaining his worldwide DJ appearances all the while. Phew! If you thought that was it – think again. 2009 already looks set to be a big year for Relish Records, with the 12” release of Headman’s newest remixes, including his remix of The Units, out now, and a collaboration with Dieter Meier from Yello already under his belt. Come July 6, 2009, Headman will return with the double A single ‘Dreampieces/Dirt’, (this time on Relish Records), pushing the revitalised disco sound he helped foster, even further into the future. January 2010 will see the release of his second single “Private Show” Feat. Steve Mason (Beta-Band) leading into the march 8 release of his 4th Album which features the singles from 2009 along with a handful of brand spankers. With more guest vocalists than you can say in one breathe! CAN YOU SAY DANCE!

PASTOR (Untz Untz Records/Ekko)

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