The Silencers og Espen Sommer Eide & Sigbjørn Apeland   Landmark  Klubb

Ny Musikk presenterer dobbelkonsert med The Silencers og en unik konsert med Espen Sommer Eide og Sigbjørn Apeland.
Billetter 80,-

The Silencers
Benoit Delbecq (France) - piano, prepared piano
Kim Myhr (Norway) - guitar, prepared guitar
Nils Ostendorf (Germany) - trumpet
Toma Gouband (France) – percussion

Om The Silencers:
The music of the Silencers flows dexterously between fragile sounds and large, open spaces to more densely articulated structures. Despite the contrasting character of the music, it always remains soft-edged, inviting the audience to enter its nocturnal sound world.

The minute attention to detail attests to the sensitivity of the musicians: every little sound is important and has the potential to lead the music in new directions.

The Silencers is a fresh wind in improvised music, and they keep puzzling audiences with their forceful yet soft and strangely moving music.


Kveldens andre konsert med Sigbjørn Apeland og Espen Sommer Eide trenger vel ingen nærmere presentasjon for det bergenske publikum.

Kom, lytt, nyt.

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