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Utmark & ira ira presenterer: EVANGELISTA (US/Constellation) + Annette Krebs (DE)

Beginning with her first Constellation release in 2006, Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista project has steadily been gaining recognition as a unique, uncompromising and highly compelling confessional/cathartic sonic voyage, featuring some of the strongest, most challenging work Bozulich has produced in a fascinating and fearless musical career that spans two decades (Ethyl Meatplow, The Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella). Evangelista landed on the cover of UK music magazine The Wire in June 2008, following the release of the group’s second album, Hello Voyager (which also made The Wire and several other mags’ year end lists). Bozulich/Evangelista has also recently appeared at numerous prestigious music festivals, including FIMAV (Musique Actuelle) in Canada, Le Weekend in Scotland and the Ruhrtriennale in Germany.




Annette Krebs studied music and concert guitar in Frankfurt/Main, and has lived in Berlin since 1993. She has worked intensively in the crossover area between improvisation and composition, exploring the possibilities of the prepared guitar with regard to sound, structure, noise, the mixing of materials, and space. Various preparation methods are used to produce noises and sounds, which are then enlarged through the use of sometimes high levels of amplification. The sound of the amplification and mixingboards, additional tapes, radios and objects are used as musical material. She works also in the field of electroacoustic composition, de- and reconstructing selected sound- and noisematerial. Fragments of noises, of words and sentences are used to remind, to suggest on certain meanings, fusing with the sounds to a surreal, abstract soundscape.



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