ira ira presenterer: Mount Eerie (US)+ No Kids (US)   Landmark  Klubb

Mount Eerie is Phil Elverum, formerly playing as Microphones.
On this tour he will play with a 5 or 6 piece band, including 2 drummers, guitars, keyboards and probably a big gong. It is going to be super-special. They will mostly play songs from their new album “wind’s poem”, out now on TOMLAB.

Links: www.myspace.com/tomlab




Come Into My House is the first release by Vancouver, Canada trio NO KIDS. Comprised of 3/4s of the critically revered pop band P:ANO, NO KIDS are multi-instrumentalists Julia Chirka, Justin Kellam, and singer/songwriter Nick Krgovich.

Recorded at The Hive Studio in Vancouver (with the help of a sizeable grant from the Canadian government and the talents of nine guest musicians), Come Into My House achieves an unexpected cohesiveness despite the wide range of musical styles covered in its forty-one minutes. Golden era Hollywood musicals, Jam & Lewis-inspired production techniques, the icy displacement of contemporary r ‘n’ b, and the breadth of Arthur Russell’s, disco, pop, and avant garde compositional work are referenced and married together by novelistic narrative strains, a lush instrumental palette, and a cinematic atmosphere.


Billetter: 150,- (forsalg Apollon)

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