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ira ira presenterer: Ecstatic Sunshine (US/Hoss) + Jason Urick (US/Thrill Jockey)
Ecstatic Sunshine is an ongoing musical project that began in 2005 as a guitar duo comprised of Matthew Papich and Dustin Wong. Ecstatics has released 2 LPs and 2 EPs since that time and has performed hundreds of shows with a revolving group of players. Throughout the years the essence of Ecstatic Sunshine has been located within Papich’s unique guitar work, however theshifting cast has allowed Ecstatics to spread it’s reach effortlessly into new lands. Echoes of punk,ambient, reggae and techno have floated in and out of Ecstatic’s sound, though never feelingcontrived and never supplanting the energy or vision of the original output.

Ecstatic Sunshine released their 3rd LP Yesterday’s Work on November 3rd on Hoss Records. Yesterday’s Work presents a definitive sonic break from past Ecstatics. While the songs still revolvearound the shifting guitar lines of Papich, it’s palette is much broader than previous releases; with Joe Williams (White Williams) production introducing a soft low end and delicate synthesized sounds to Papich’s guitar work. Think Koln School Electronics and Penguin Cafe Orchestra, or a Harmonia record produced by Coxsone Dodd.



“Husbands” is Jason Urick’s solo debut. Those well-versed in the Baltimore or experimental electronic music scenes might be familiar with his band WZT Hearts or his solo works as themoonstealingproject. “Husbands” finds Urick at a crossroads where his ideas are becoming more fully realized, and while still experimental in nature, the songs are envisioned as an honest attempt at “pop”.

There are similarities to his previous projects of course. Those familiar with WZT Hearts will feel that the tracks on “Husbands” are in-line with the more ambient pieces that the band produced. Ghosted, fragmented melodies, distorted tones and so forth. Compared tothemoonstealingproject, “Husbands” has more depth sound-wise and the songs tend to take the longer route with tracks averaging around the 10 minute mark each. After spending four years in WZT Hearts where all the music was improvised, it was a relaxing and refreshing change of pace to take an idea, let it unfurl, and watch it burn slowly into extended soundscapes. The result is an album that is a complex study in subtlety and one that rewards patience.


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