Perfect Sounds Forever: Lee Ranaldo - Songs and Stories   Landmark  Konsert

CC: 350,-
ID: 20 år

Perfect Sounds Forever presenterer:

Lee Ranaldo (US) - Songs & Stories

Landmark / fredag 8.februar 2019 / 20.00 / https://perfectsounds.ticketco.events/no/nb

NB! Unummererte sitteplasser, kun 100 billetter tilgjengelig

An intimate evening with Lee Ranaldo performing songs from his recent records and telling stories from his early days in New York City, his years with Sonic Youth, and more, including Q&A with the audience. A chance to open up the concert experience and allow the audience to get up close.

Kveldens moderator blir Tor Martin Bøe, kjent som mannen bak plateselskapet Hype City, samt musikkanmelder i VG.

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