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Europan Norway presents Europan 13
Europan Norway presents Europan 13: the Norwegian Sites in collaboration with the Bergen Architects Association (BAF), the Bergen Municipality (Bergen kommune), the Os Municipality (Os kommune) and the Hordaland County authorities (Hordaland fylkeskommune).
The 13th issue of Europan, the world’s biggest Architecture and Urbanism competition for young professionals will be launched at Landmark this evening. All five participating Norwegian sites will be presented: Bergen, Os, Ørsta, Stavanger and Trondheim. Local professionals interested in partaking in the competition should not miss this informative evening! In addition, earlier winners of the competition will be sharing their participating experiences.

- Hva er Europan? - ved styret og sekretariatet
- Europan Norge studentprisen 2015: vinnerprosjektet «Inverted beauty» - ved Ann-Sofie Adasdotter Indgul og Aina Telhaug
- De 5 norske tomtene i utgave 13: presentasjon av tomtene Ørsta, Stavanger, Trondheim - ved Fredrikke Frølich ved sekretariatet, Europan Norge
- Pause
- Europan 13 i stor Bergen. Bergensregionen – det store bildet- ved Anne Katrine Vabø, Hordaland fylkeskommune
- Bergen - ved Isabel Melo -Bergen kommune
- Os - ved Os kommune – Henning Wenaas Ribe
- Europan 12 vinner i Norge: Erfaringer fra Dikemark "Kaleidoscope" - ved Silje Klepsvik og Tone Megrunn Berge

Europan is a network of national non-profit foundations in Europe organizing a series of competitions of ideas within the field of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism. The competition is for young professionals (under the age of 40) and serves a dual purpose: it offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions to local urban planning and development, and provides an opportunity for young architects to get commissions by presenting new ideas. These two functions combined create a platform for ongoing debate and research on the spatial framework of the European society.
The competitions are launched every second year simultaneously all through Europe. Europan Norway represents the Norwegian branch of the network. Europan Norway was founded in 2003 by architect Cornelius Brekke. The Europan Norway Board consists of the Bergen School of Architecture, the Oslo School of Architecture, the Norwegian University of Science, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture and the National Association of Norwegian Architects. The Norwegian Secreteriat is managed by Transborder Studio.
Europan Norway is financed by its clients and partners, and the Norwegian ministry of Culture.

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