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KM Editions/Pleasure Unit presenterer:
SKATEBÅRD React 2 Rhythm

House music all night long. (Og ein del italo).

Ny vinylskive i huset. Før juno! Selger plater, signerer med tusj.

Hot on the heels of the triumphant debut release on Pleasure Unit we find ourselves back in the Arctic kingdom of Norway and this time we have the legendary Skatebård masterfully guiding us through his sonic Fjords.

Skatebård has always been one of Norway’s biggest musical exports via a plethora of releases for top shelf labels like: Sex Tags Mania, Keys of Life, Full Pupp and many more. Always in demand as a remixer, DJ and producer, the man christened Bård Aasen Lødemel has been bringing his own brand of Italo-Chicago-Detroit-Disco inspired machine Funk to us for well over a decade now.

Now, teaming up with Brixton based label Pleasure Unit, we have 3 brand new cuts from the man himself. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you – Pleasure Unit 02!

The A-side "React 2 Rhythm" is a long-form hardware jam rescued from a Maxell XLII cassette tape and is presented here in it's original form. It has all the trademark Skatebård ingredients, insistent, shuffling drum programming, glacial synth melodies swimming in reverb and a solid old-school vibe that keeps you locked in right to the end. Truly epic!

On the B-side we have "It Goes On & On (The Bassline)", a much tougher groove that has more in common with Detroit and Sheffield than Hovdebygda. A driving acidic monster with dubbed out video game esque stabs rolling in and out of the mix and sub aquatic frequencies bubbling under the surface, propelling the track forward with a real sense of drama, Mad Mikael would be proud!

"Pingu" finishes the EP in style, chopped Disco drums rub up against chunky analogue bass chords and somewhere beneath the rhythms swelling walls of spacey synth pads are trying to break free to eventually crash down and engulf us. The track is a real mid-tempo creeper and
conjures up images of vast icy wastelands and incredible frozen bodies of water where humans fear to tread. Kul og dødelig!

All music by Bård Aasen Lødemel
Vinyl only / 500 copies worldwide
Manufactured in the EU & distributed by Juno Records UK
Pleasure Unit Records London 2014

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