After School Special   Landmark  Klubb

After School Special presenterer Kali Carlmar og Lord Chief Justice
Billetter: 30,- / Performance fra kl 19 / Konsertstart kl 23

The decadent, zodiac dependent, Babylon infested, musical project of Marthe A Andersen and Julie Sagstuen Askildsen. Combining popular culture, with the spoken word chanting of imagined Dionysian love cults, the voices of the artists mingles with the beats of Joakim Thorendahl and creates a modern day black magic dance sensation.

THE LITTLE NAKED RAT MAN IS DEAD. We seemed to forget that he needed to be fed. His flute fell into that city of the mute, and now a funeral must take place before our rodent goes unnoticed to the ferry of the dead. The composition must be composed before our stilleben dreadfully decompose. Quickly; Larva makes me starve-ah! Draw with the shortest straw while life withdraw, its raw! Our tears will serve as watercolor while that little man becomes even smaller. Now, do you feel sick? Maybe it's in your dick? The little naked rat man is dead, but may be resurrected as a tumor in your head.

Lord Chief Justice is the maximalistic, allmedial collaborative project of artists Siri Hjorth and Constance Tenvik, combining video, installation, sculpture, drawing, costume and performance.

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