RECALLING Landmark  Klubb

-an evening dwelling on the notion of place in sound and music
Listening, Recording, Recalling: readings by Daniela Cascella
Three Cities: electroacustic works by Pete Stollery, Ross Whyte and Suk-Jun Kim

Listening, Recording, Recalling: Daniela Cascella´s reading inhabit the space between the three, questioning the notion of recording as fixed entity and looking at how the space around it (the space of memories actualised every other day) affects it and makes it. From a recalled listening experience to a remembrance elicited by sounds, from the impossibility of tracing back a sound out of memory to the actuality of an archive. On a boundary between listening and the other senses, between the experience
of soundscape and its representation, between nature and artifice, between the aural and the all-rounded everyday, between the spatial coordinates of somebody recording in a landscape and the singular, ever-changing coordinates of mediated listening, in turn prompting each listener to reawaken to the sounds around them. The question here is not 'what is a soundscape?'. It is not structured around a what but around the many 'where' that inform and situate the experience of a place, and how a place takes shape in the singular perceptual experiences of each listener as they embody a creative, critical and cultural site.

The event is a part of the seminar Place in sound and music organised by Re: place, a collaborative research project in which the notion of 'place' is investigated through a range of artistic practices including moving image, installation, photography, sound, text and performance. The project is an investigation of (relationships between) place, time and memory as manifested in artistic works exploring image, sound, text - or combinations of these. The project is a collaboration between Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB; Oslo National Academy of the Arts, KHiO; The Grieg Academy, University of Bergen; Bergen Center of Electronic Arts (BEK); Atelier Nord; and Kino Kino, Center for contemporary art and film in Sandnes.

Daniela Cascella is a London-based Italian writer. Her research is focused on sound and listening. Her work explores Writing Sound in connection to voicing, memory, archives and the ephemeral, and the interplay between fiction and criticism. She is the author of En abîme: Listening, Reading, Writing. An Archival Fiction (Zer0 Books 2012).

Pete Stollery (born 1960) studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, where he was one of the first members of BEAST in the early ’80s. He composes music for concert hall performance, particularly acousmatic music and more recently has created work for outside the concert hall, including sound installations and internet projects.

Suk-Jun Kim has been examining the sense of place through his compositions and sound installations. HIs research interest includes imaginal listening and phenomenological approaches to listening and composition. Kim has been awarded first prizes by the Bourges Competition, Metamorphoses, and CIMESP for his compositions and was a resident composer of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2009. Kim is lecturer in Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art at the University of Aberdeen.

Ross Whyte is a composer based in Aberdeen. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Aberdeen where his field of research was concerned with audio-visual intermedia and headphone-specific composition. He composes in a wide variety of mediums which include solo and ensemble instrumental, electroacoustic, audio-visual installation, dance, theatre and film. His compositional output in recent years has explored erosion through reproduction and often contains the underlying theme of impermanence.

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