After School Special   Landmark  Utstilling, Performance, Konsert, Klubb, Film

After School Special presents:
Back to school/
First day of school/

Art works:

X Lap-See Lam
X Catalina Aguilera
X Kobie Nel
X Nan Embäck
X Thomas Hylland
X Ingrid Bjørnseth

Concert and poetry:

X Jonas Kroken Sævereide
X Arne Thomsen - Kaptein Stein

doors open: 20.00
performances from: 21.45
entrance: 40kr
Nice Prices!

Curated by Hedda Grevle Ottesen and Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang

After School Special is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality.

A block of Daler Rowney, Smooth - Heavyweight Papier dessin épais - lisse JUMBO 250 x 250 mm 9.8 x 9.8 inches 220 g/m2 135 lb. With a black Pigma brush Archival ink BR. The micro pigment ink is waterproof and make fade proof fine lines.

You know that a story normally starts with the beginning. Someone mentions bikes, but how would we measure the artistic quality? But hey, if we are a school, what are we actually doing when we teach? Can we be a school without teachers? And should we make the school private or rather intimate?

The desire for education, the desire for cheap air plane tickets, the desire for catching the bus in time for school. Maybe someone will even buy you a ticket one day. You are creating a role, and taking ones own room.

A future event of a certain complexity, when it hit it can breach out a numerous of different ways,
but you dont remember that now.

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