Utmark Betty - They Say I´m Different   Landmark  Film

Utmark film screening: 'Betty - They Say I'm Different' (2017)
Wednesday 8 May, 20:00
50,- / 35,-

Original Funk Queen Betty Davis took on the 1970’s establishment in America and changed the course of women in music forever. Then she vanished. Forty years later, Betty finally shares her extraordinary story in this feature-length documentary.

An aspiring songwriter from a small steel town in the US, Betty arrived on the 70’s scene to break boundaries for women with her daring personality, iconic fashion and outrageous funk music. She befriended Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, wrote songs for the Chambers Brothers and the Commodores, and married Miles Davis – turning him from jazz to funk on the album she named “Bitches Brew”. She then, despite being banned and boycotted, went on to become one of the first black women to perform, write and manage herself.

This film traces the path of Betty’s life, as a black female pioneer in music, revealing the mystery of her 35-year disappearance and her battle with mental illness and poverty. The elusive Betty, forever the free-spirited Black Power Goddess, allows the film-makers to creatively tell her story based on their conversations.

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