Beatrice Gibson, Laurence Crane Samtale: Film before music or music before film?   13:00-14:30
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Working together throughout 2018 on a new commission for Borealis, composer Laurence Crane and artist film-maker Beatrice Gibson, will in this talk be sharing favourite film clips, and discussing the places where experimental composition and cinema meet.

The Guardian described Crane, whose music has been released on Norwegian label Hubro, as building “graceful, cheeky, elusive music out of ordinary things”. Gibson, whose films are often connected to music, draws on references as diverse as Minecraft, Cornelius Cardew’s musical scores and global financial systems.

Based on a film script by Gertrude Stein, their new collaborative work Deux soeurs qui ne sont pas soeurs began with a new piece of music from Crane exploring ideas of repetition present in Stein's text. Beatrice Gibson has taken this music and throughout the year will be working with it in her new film, which will be shown at Borealis in 2019. Here they give an insight in to their process on this collaborative artistic endeavour. Laurence Crane’s soundtrack will be featured at the opening of Borealis 2018.

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