Borealis & Bergen Kunsthall things that SHINE and THINGS that are DARK   Landmark  Film, Concert, Club

In collaboration with Joachim Koester and Borealis we present an evening of live performances, exploring ideas of altered states and ritual present in Koester’s exhibition “Bringing Something Back”.

Sink into a hypnagogic journey with a special, lie-down concert version of Koester’s meditation works. Jenny Berger Myhre brings her disjointed collage of field recordings and voice fragments, Raven Chacon draws on a history of noise practice and social music in his work, and the duo Gud Er Kvinde present their intense entanglement of improvised saxophone and trombone. DJs will round off the evening at Landmark, including special screenings of Koester’s Tarantism and The Place of Dead Roads, accompanied by artist Sandra Mujinga / NaEE RoBErts.

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