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The Noing Uv It & Steven Claydon
20:00 - Opening
22:00 - Performance by Florian Hecker
23:00 - Afterparty

The Noing Uv It is an exhibition about objects and their image, matter and its memory, and the revealed and concealed nature of "things." Addressing the possibility of a latent primitive consciousness in materials, it includes work by over 30 international artists, as well as a number of other objects, technologies and artefacts.

Curated by Martin Clark and Steven Claydon.

Michael Dean, Trisha Donnelly, Alex Dordoy, Michaela Eichwald, European Space Agency, Cerith Wyn Evans, Florian Hecker, Roger Hiorns, Russell Hoban, Yngve Holen, Jenny Holzer, Richard Hughes, IBM, Edward Ihnatowicz, Mark Leckey, Simon Ling, Sarah Lucas, Allan McCollum, Robert Morris, Jean-Luc Moulène, Matt Mullican, David Musgrave, Seth Price, Magali Reus, Hannah Sawtell, Paul Sietsema, Michael E. Smith, Haim Steinbach, Rudolf Stingel, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rosemarie Trockel, James Welling, Martin Westwood, Bill Woodrow.

To coincide with the exhibitions “The Noing Uv It” and “The Showing Uv It”, British artist Steven Claydon will re-present two seminal video works in a newly conceived exhibition environment.

The Fictional Pixel and The Ancient Set (both 2008) have been shown together a number of times in an evolving series of installations at the Serpentine Pavilion, FormContent, London and LIAF in Norway. Both films concern themselves with ideas of authenticity, linguistics and etymology, as well as the way in which contemporary culture co-opts emblems, ideas and artefacts from the past in order to spuriously deploy them in the service of a fictionalising present.

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