Marianne Heier The Ocean Is Not Unfaithful II   Kunsthallen  Performance

Starting out from Heier’s and her family’s own first hand experience with migration, the performance is based on quotes from acclaimed literature mixed with extracts from conversations with migrants to and from Norway.

The script invests all text fragments with the same dignity, and the transitions between the voices of the world literature and the migrants' stories are seamless. In this way they speak of the Great Travel as both concrete movement and a metaphor for life in general. We are all traveling, this applies to all of us.

With: Marianne Heier, Irma Heier Vaglieri, Marco Vaglieri, Kunstgress (Amanda Bach, Ida Frømyr Borgen, Maaike Croles Fitjar og Hanne Frostad Håkonsen).

Sound: Erlend Hogstad. Light: Tobias Leira.

Curator og producer: Elisabeth Byre

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