Plattform og Borealis Beyond Afrofuturism   Upstairs  Artist Talk

American writer and artist Christopher D. Stackhouse presents a response to Matana Roberts’ exhibition I Call America, on show in the NO.5 gallery followed by a discussion with Yvette Janine Jackson, Camae Dennis/Moor Mother and Peter Meanwell

Free entrance!

A writer who engages with ideas of Black artistic identity, Stackhouse will look at the creative connections, both visual and musical, that run through Matana Roberts’ work. Having spent time interviewing Roberts about her practice, Stackhouse will discuss not only the role abstraction plays within the exhibition, but the ongoing battle to shape an identity that Black American artists have faced across history. In doing so he identifies a continuity of aesthetic resistance that has been an essential component of Black American cultural production for as long as there has been an America.

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